God save the Queen

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Arriving was the easy part. Assisted down by one of her attendants she straightened out the material on her dark blue dress giving a nod to the attendant to let him know she was alright and didn’t need anymore assistance.  A smile was directed at the one who greeted her and so she gave a gentle nod of her head. “The trip was long, yet the country side was gorgeous. I would give my thanks for allowing me to visit here.”


 ”It is, isn’t it?” And she knew it very well. How many hours had she spent looking at the countryside, thinking about what was waiting for her in France. “I’m glad to hear that. Now, I’m sure you are tired from the trip. If you may follow me, we will take a nice cup of tea. Unless you want to rest first.” The Queen suggested, even though she preferred to talk to her guest before. It was always nice to see new faces.

My exams had been rescheduled, that’s why I didn’t return sooner. I still have one more on Tuesday… But I can get a break, right? 



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"Royal balls are such a bore, aren’t they?"




                      ” Indeed, your majesty ” Charles nodded his head as he focused his emerald eyes on her fragile posture…
                            ” However, I do believe your presence on my side puts an end to the boredom. How do you find my castle?”

" Have I? I suppose I do. But there is nothing charming or romantic in sunrises I saw from my balcony. The reason I even bothered myself to see them was simple - I was probably working till the sunset on letters to Pope or projects or reforms in the Kingdom. " he respond with a bitter smile.


  “Well, that’s…” boring, was what she wanted to say. “… Something different that what I had in mind. I was thinking more in staying awake, playing games, having a few drinks, among other things.” None of them involving writing letters, that was sure. “Watching the sunrise after having fun… I give you my word that is more interesting than watching them after working all night.”


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Marie Antoinette + eyes

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I’m sorry for being so absent these days, but they gave me so much to do in a matter of two weeks! (exams, going to schools, practical works, etc.) I’m having a break, sort of, so I’ll try and do my drafts. 


 ”Your Majesty.” The girl greeted with a small bow, a smile, almost invincible, showing in her face. Even if she hadn’t felt anxious when she found out she’d met the king. Marie was feeling nervous at the moment.


Rachel Hurd Wood/ InStyle 2011

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유 ♋ ☮ ✌ ☏

유 Who was your first muse?

 My first muse ever, that was part of a group, was called Elodie Sweet (That was almost four years ago! How do I remember?), an OC part of a group based on the movie “The Writcutter”. My first indie muse (whose bio I wrote) was an OC from the once upon a time fandom. She was called Charlotte Summer and she was a mermaid. 

♋ What drew you to this muse?

 … I’m not entirely sure. I’ve been fascinated with her story even before the movie came out. Well, the movie itself doesn’t tell the whole story, right? So I read about her, the royal family and French revolution. Either way, not many time ago I started to develop a certain… thing about RPing royals. But from fictional stories, only. A few days before I made this account, my mother was watching Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette and suddenly… it hit me! I wanted to play her. Simple (but I made complicated because I do that.)

☮ Is there anything you don’t like about playing this muse?

 Not yet! Well, I started not even a week ago. I guess the fact that I didn’t know how many would like to RP with my muse, as she isn’t part of any fandom (I think)

✌ What is the easiest aspect of playing this muse?

 I feel like I understand her personality, even if, of course, I’ve never met her. She was frivolous but not a bad person (France was a mess, even before she was born).

☏ What is the most challenging aspect of playing this muse?

 She was a real person. I’ve never done that before! I don’t want to just base her on a movie, but I know I may make some mistakes. Besides, sometimes I don’t know if I do a good job at the moment of writing her (because of her time and all.)